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Our School Motto "Quality, Our Priority"

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Keframa College, a FREE secondary school for the children in Lira, Uganda. The College provides the needy children an opportunity to receive quality education and a chance to live good and productive lives.

The population around Keframa still remains in abject poverty as they struggle to rebuild after the Lord's Resistance Army rebel's insurgency. The area depends upon its agricultural produce, but the situation only worsens because of the constant drought, exhausted land making villagers unable to feed themselves from their own gardens. Many children were forced to drop out of school as their parents could not afford the school fees levied by the only government school in Barr sub county of Lira District leaving many girls to be forced to marry at an early age to bring bride-wealth to their poverty stricken families, in order to survive.

Providing a free, reduced fee and quality education will help stop the terrible illiteracy rates currently rampant in the area, and will prevent the children, who, if left uneducated and without positive choices for their future could be forced into a life of crime, just to survive. Children without a future will destabilize the area that is desperately trying to recover from the devastating effects caused by the attacks of the Lord's Resistance Army.

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Since its establishment in 2011, Keframa has more than 200 students allowing those who could not have afforded education else where with the chance to be in school. Through support from individuals and organizations, the College is able to take care of teachers' motivation as well as that of the support staff monthly.

Keframa through friends intends to start an art project to try help raise the much needed funds to continue providing scholarships to more vulnerable children from Northern and Eastern parts of Uganda. If you would like to sponsor construction of more classrooms, build science laboratory, kitchen, computer laboratory, modern toilet facilities, Partner with us, fund raise to support our work or help with laboratory equipments, please get in touch with us. E-mail us to learn more about us.