International School Sponsorship Program

Keframa College Construction Project

picture12 (126K)A retired head teacher from within our community donated a wonderful gift of land to Keframa College. We constructed some classrooms in it, and we look forward to having more structures and a vocational training centre, toilet facilities, playgrounds, office space for school administration and a staff room, school library, laboratories, student's hostel, and teacher's houses as well put in place.

The beneficiaries of the Keframa College Project are mostly orphans and extremely vulnerable children at secondary School education level, also including children whose parents cannot afford the high school fees.

School Construction

Volunteers are needed to help with the construction of KEFRAMA College. Construction has already begun and some classrooms are in the process of being completed. We will need help with the construction of more school structures.

Please give our children a chance by donating much-needed construction supplies.

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Construction supplies needed: Sand, Cement, Iron Sheets, Nails, Payment for Transportation of School Supplies to Keframa College or send your donations through Volunteer4Good USA. Check their webpage for details.

photo5 (138K)Volunteer Teachers

We need volunteer teachers beginning February 2011 when Keframa College opens.

We need teachers experienced in the following subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Entrepreneurship amongst others.

Volunteer Fundraisers

We also need people who are willing to fundraiser on behalf of the school so we can provide the children with school supplies, establishing a sound library for research purposes, and a laboratory (for science subjects and computers).

The funds will also help build more classrooms for the students so they can prepare to start advance level education by atleast 2015 as well as a vocational section and purchase of computers and other equipments for the school.