About Us

photo7 (145K)Keframa College is a community-based, secondary school that is dedicated to working with the children, their families, and communities to overcome illiteracy, poverty, and injustice.

Keframa College benefits children from Barr sub-county and children from other neighbouring sub-counties of Aloi, Omoro, Apala, Amugu, Abako, Adekokwok, Amach Agali and other areas from Northern and Eastern Uganda.

The project was initiated by Augustine Kezzy Okello and moral support given by Barr sub-county community members to tackle one of the many problems that affect members of this community.

Even though there is one government-aided secondary school in Barr sub-county, there is not enough support for adequate infrastructure and teachers.

Many families are unable to send their children to school due to the looming poverty level in this area. This area is mainly rural and it is very difficult for families to provide basic education for their children, therefore the literacy rate is very low.

Where is Keframa College located?

BARR sub-county lies on the Eastern side of Lira district, 10 miles from Lira town. It is a Sub-County with a population of about 45,000 people, with the greatest percentage being women and children. Their main economic activity is peasantry farming.

Keframa College Founders

Okello_Augustine (156K)The College is founded by:

Okello Augustine Kezzy who continues to work towards improvement and operation of KEFRAMA College. (Ask for Augustine's Story!)

Odongo Jimmy Francis who is a retired head teacher and holds a Diploma in Primary Education.

Martin K. Okello Odur is a retired head teacher and holds a Diploma in Primary Education.

Okello Augustine Kezzy, Odongo Jimmy Francis, and Martin K. Okello Odur founded this school and worked together with other community members in 2009 to ensure its successful start in 2011. By the end of 2009, it was decided that school land should be found as the school was to start in a rented premise. The would be landlord was unwilling to give fair rate as rent, and the school management then decided to ask for a donation in the form of land where the school would be established. One of the founding members Martin) donated his land for purposes of establish the school and it is where KEFRAMA College is now located.

Since starting operation in 2011, Keframa's classrooms has increased from just two to four with eight rooms for accommodation for students and two living rooms for headteacher and a book store built thanks to a donation from a visitor from the UK in 2012.