International School Sponsorship Program

V4G invites your Student Council to Partner with Keframa College,
a High School in Lira, Uganda

picture12 (126K)The benefits of an International School Partnership

a. Learn about another country and their culture.

b. Learn the conditions of the community directly from those that live there.

c. Learn the amount of money earned by people in the community, compared to your own community.

d. Compare the salaries of teachers, compared to teachers in your community.

e. Learn about the living and educational conditions, compared to your own.

f. Learn what students eat and wear.

g. Learn about the conditions in their school, compare to your own school.

h. Learn the cost of going to school and getting an education.PAR

i. Students become engaged in authentic and motivating activities.

j. Peer connections are made through partnerships. Students in Arizona can get into real conversations and become friends with students in another part of the world.

photo4 (146K)When connecting to students around the world Arizona students will gain global insight.

School-to-School Partnerships can take many different forms, from short-term, project-based partnerships between two classes or students, to long-term, ongoing relationships between two schools.

  • Curriculum support.
  • Emphasize student communication through the exchange of letters, emails, and visits between countries.
  • Exploring culture and identity
  • Develop projects specific to the partner school

Examples of projects needed at Keframa College, a high school in northern Uganda.

  1. Student sponsorship
  2. Teacher support
  3. Donate books
  4. Donate school supplies
  5. Solar energy needed to provide students with electricity
  6. Entrepreneur Program - Provide funds to purchase equipment to help school become financially independent.