What We Do

photo7 (145K)KEFRAMA COLLEGE helps bridge the gap between rich and poor by offering good quality education for the most underprivileged youth.

The College benefit children from Barr Sub-county and from other neighbouring Sub-counties and regions.

Keframa College Is focused on:

i.Establishing sound teaching methods.
ii.Promoting basic life skills, and provide computer lessons.
iii.Guarantee a free and quality education for the most needy. Costs will be very low so that these poor families can learn to become self-sufficient.
iv.Offering free counselling to our students and their parents/guardians. Transformational development is the process through which our children/students, their families, and the communities identify and overcome the obstacles preventing them from living life to its fullest.
v.Providing health education to our students and their guardians.
vi.Providing scholarships to deserving orphans/needy children as well as those students who perform very well at primary-leaving examinations each year.
vii.Partnering with communities to help improve lives.
viii.Providing communities with knowledge needed to improve the well being of children.
ix.Helping overcome illiteracy in our sub-counties.
By educating our students we help protect our society from negative influences, and reduce the instability of our families.

Our School Values

  • We are committed to open and effective communication.
  • We foster respect for individual perspectives and diversity.
  • We are committed to treating our students fairly and equitably.
  • We are committed to fostering an environment that empowers our people to be innovative.
  • We are inspired by Christian values and serve all people regardless of religion, political affiliation, or gender.

Rebuilding after the Insurgency

Worship centres were targeted by the insurgency; many churches were burnt down. Even the places that could have remained became a target for attack by the rebel groups; they claimed they were fighting to rule Uganda by the Ten Commandments. After the 2006 Peace Talks, people are hoping that there will be continued peace as they struggle to rebuild their homes and lives, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.