We Ask Your Assistance To
Help Our Children Get Educated They Want to be Independent!

Happy_meal (167K) Elvis Odongo is an orphan whose parents died when he was very young. There were 3 children born to his parents, unfortunately his two siblings died and he is the only remaining member of his immediate family. He came under the care of his Aunt Amodo Sarah, a peasant woman, whose income is too limited and inadequate to support him. Due to his Aunt's old age, she can't afford to pay his school fees, and Elvis is now responsible for his own education and future. He makes a request to any organization or person that can support him to achieve his dreams.

Elvis says, "I love my studies and I need to be independent and supportive tomorrow."

The story of Elvis is typical of the children in Barr, a sub-county in Lira District in Northern Uganda. The Rebel Lord's Resistance Army devastated Lira District during their operations in Uganda before the peace talks in 2006. The population remains in abject poverty. The situation continued to worsen because of the constant drought, and the villagers were no longer able to feed themselves from their own gardens.

Most children were forced to drop out of school as their parents could not afford the school fees levied by the only government school in the Lira District; many children marry at an early age to bring bride wealth to their poverty stricken families.

Keframa College is developed as a free secondary school operated by private donations. The school provides the children an opportunity to receive a quality education and a chance to live good and productive lives, contributing to the betterment of their community.

The community has joined forces to support the fight against the terrible illiteracy rates currently rampant in the community and to prevent children, who, if left uneducated and without positive choices for their future could turn into future gangsters (in order to survive), and who would undoubtedly destabilize the community. Therefore, it was imperative that the community joins forces to assist in the development of Keframa College, a positive step toward educating their children and saving their community